The main creation of the Georgian president - parliament in Kutaisi - is falling apart. As with all of its glossy democracy, built on relatively tight (do not touch her) fight against corruption. Why, then, the parliament building collapses? Saved on the scaffolding? Stole quite a bit?

Declare that killed one worker. According to eyewitnesses, killed 20! Where will hide the rest of the body? I wonder what will happen to the residents of Kutaisi, which posted their profiles on social networking information on the dozens of victims?

Georgia sends its journalists in all possible glossy magazines to talk about Georgia’s paradise. Meanwhile, the parliament building surrounded, journalists were not allowed anywhere near the information is kept in the strictest confidence. If one person was killed, this need not have arisen. Incidentally, in Kutaisi hospital where the victims, too, no one is allowed.

9 June 2012 | democracy, information, journalist, kutaisi, parliament, president

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