On Saturday, Georgia celebrated the Independence Day. During the solemn session of Parliament held in the city of Kutaisi, the country’s president, Mikheil Saakashvili said that no one will never be able to return to Georgia to “licking his boots.”

“Georgia will never be anyone’s periphery, the fifth column will not be able to return it for licking someone’s boots. Those people who think that Georgians allegedly started the war and for it to be punished, will never be able to return to Georgia in the position of injured, abandoned the country. They think that the only path to salvation lies precisely in Georgia licking his boots, but this will never happen “, - the words of Saakashvili’s portal” Georgia Online “.

The president said that Georgia has become the center of the region. Past reforms in the country have become an example not only for the Russian opposition, but also for the authorities of the Russian Federation. “From Moscow to Vilnius and from Vilnius to Bishkek, from Kiev to Vladivostok - we have to take an example. We have become a shopping center. We will also be financial, educational, technological and cultural center” - Saakashvili promises.

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