Knowing the strict nature the right hand of Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and his longtime associate himself, Forbes decided to try out the Minister’s Interior Minister taking his own wards, playing in the good and the bad of the investigator. On the role of a good investigator, we invited Miss Georgia 2011 Janet Kerdikoshvili, poor play commentator Ilya Zhegulev Forbes.

Janet Kerdikoshvili: Police reform in Georgia, perhaps the most visible and most successful of the reforms. However, were dismissed and then reinstated not thousands strong, capable people to the power operations. Not afraid to cut you so fragile after the revolution in Georgia?

- There was nothing to fear. These changes were primarily the need of the people. People are tired of the corruption that has penetrated into all spheres of society, from the oppressive rule of thieves. All changes have occurred gradually, so that the society had time to adjust to a new style of life which he himself was needed. As for the laid-off employees, most of them left on their own. They are the foundations of life did not fit into a new form of existence of the Interior Ministry. You are right that this is a great force, as the number of employees laid off more than 80,000 people. Of the old members have only 5%.
Ilya Zhegulev: With not so bad police officers, and how you coped with the thieves in the law? After all, it was one of the most popular in Georgia “professions.”

- A special system of struggle against them as such, was not. We were able to create a society where “thieves in law” has become difficult to exist. Of course, this contributed to the emergence of a special agency to fight organized crime. It was developed a new anti-mafia legislation. People are caught just for the fact that they did not refuse the title of “kingpin”. For our country, thieves have even invented a special rule in Georgia, it was possible to recognize a common man, and the thieves then you will not be excluded from its terms. But this “liberalization” they did not help. In a literal sense, has begun the hunt for thieves, and most of them were imprisoned, while others hid in the territory of Georgia. Believe me, no privileges in the prison, these people are not honored, but rather. vice versa.

DK: But, dismissing the old and gaining new recruits by raising their salaries, you will not get rid of corruption?

- Of course, to achieve this result - the third most-corrupt countries in Europe - we took years. Raising salaries to our employees, we gave them an incentive to work in good faith. They no longer need to make money through corruption. In contrast to the police to change the consciousness of ordinary people was much more difficult. People have long been unable to wean from the habit of offering bribes.

Now, according to our data, public confidence in the police force is about 90%. For this indicator, we are in the top five world leaders. I surprised myself how it happened. Just do the police believe in yourself.

27 May 2012 | georgia, mikhail saakashvili, minister, president, russia

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