BRUSSELS, May 8th. In court proceedings against Belgium, prepared the Georgian president, Mikhail Saakashvili, said, “Echo of Moscow”. Its initiator was the Georgian human rights activist Merab Bladadze.

He blames Saakashvili for crimes against humanity, rigging the presidential elections in 2007 and the outbreak of war with Russia a year later. Furthermore, according to Bladadze, Saakashvili cracked down with his political opponents. According to him, in Georgia, now 93 prisoners, 19 officially recognized as prisoners of conscience.

The Belgian law on universal jurisdiction provides the courts of the country the right to hear cases against foreign nationals, in the case of genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity, adds, “RG”.

The trial against Mikhail Saakashvili may eventually lead to the fact that he will be denied entry to Belgium. And, then, it will not be able to attend institutions located in Brussels, the European Union and NATO headquarters. The current Georgian authorities have repeatedly stated their intention to join NATO, the country retains the status of candidate for membership in NATO.

According Bladadze, the process will begin vtechenie month.

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