The story about visiting Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, the ceremony began construction of a new church in Tbilisi was the reason for the fact that the parliamentary opposition demanded an Addiction test for him and other leaders of the country, reports the correspondent of THE VIEW in Tbilisi.

In an interview with the newspaper “Resonance” on Saturday, the leader of the “Unity for Justice” Dmitry Lordkipanidze said that “these images have caused the population to suspect that the first person is under the influence of drugs.”

“All the senior leaders need to be tested,” - he said.
According to Dmitry Lordkipanidze, “there is a suspicion that many in the various branches of the Georgian authorities to take drugs.”

Deputy Chairman of Parliament of the CDM, Levan Vepkhvadze stated that he supports this initiative.

“This long-needed text to a person for a long time been under surveillance,” - said Deputy Speaker.

Notably, Dmitry Lordkipanidze narkotesty offered to lead the country, including Saakashvili, two years ago.

Saakashvili agreed and promised to hand over the hair on the first test.

Then it was planned that after the adoption of appropriate rules, checking will be up to 100,000 civil servants, as the drug problem is very urgent for Georgia.

Previously, it had already been detained government officials.

21 April 2012 | , country, georgia, mikhail saakashvili, opposition, parliament, president, tbilisi

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