Foreign Ministry recommends Russian citizens to refrain from visiting Georgia due to the lack of conditions for their safety. This is the Foreign Ministry of Russia.

“Russian Foreign Ministry once again calls attention to the lack of security for our citizens in Georgia and recommends to refrain from traveling to this country,” - said in a statement. The Russian Foreign Ministry recalled that in Georgia February 17 this year, was arrested a resident of the Moscow region, Konstantin Rodionov, who arrived in Tbilisi on private business, was in prison for visiting Abkhazia.

When the incident received wide publicity, the Georgian authorities, as noted by the Russian Foreign Ministry, at first, “clumsy” denied that the arbitrary, and then thought it best to let Russians in the so-called “procedural agreement”. In the end, a trip to “hospitable to Georgia,” cost him 40 days spent in jail and a fine of $ 1.2 thousand, said the Foreign Ministry. Unfortunately, this is not the only case in the Russian ministry added.

As it became known, 27 February at the port of Poti was arrested by the second mate the motor ship “Volga-Balt 248″ (the flag of Belize), a citizen of Russia Nikolay Kruchinin. He was tried on charges of “illegal” visit to Sukhumi and was able to avoid prison by paying only $ 3 thousand, “As in the previous case, the Georgian side in violation of generally accepted international rules has not notified the Russian Interests Section at the Embassy of Switzerland, the detention of a Russian citizen,” - said the Foreign Ministry.

In addition, on March 30, was detained in Poti resident of the Kostroma region Vekua Bell suspected that she was in Abkhazia. A criminal case under article 322-1 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Russian citizen, is contained in the remand prison of Zugdidi. Section Russia’s interests take possible measures to provide consular assistance to her, says the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Thus, the Georgian special services continue to systematically track and punish the Russians entering the country - said the Foreign Ministry. - This is done, as we see, in secret, without much publicity. The other hand, are widely reported in the media propaganda shows like a trip to Mr. Saakashvili, the throughput point “Kazbegi”, where he has reportedly welcomed the Russian citizens crossing the border, saying, “Come more often. ‘”

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