The State Museum named after Soviet leader Josef Stalin in his hometown of Gori will be converted into a museum Ctalinizma, announced the press service of the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia.

“With the support of the Ministry of Culture, the descendants of victims of Stalinist repression and totalitarianism of the Soviet scholars, museum. Stalin will be converted into a museum Ctalinizma that most fully and objectively tell visitors about all the important events of the period of Stalinism” - quoted by news agency, Georgia.

The initiative will create a Council of International Advisers, who will develop different aspects of the project and will oversee. Funds for the project will involve both the Georgian and international authoritative institutions, the press release.

A month ago, the director of the Museum Lia Okropiridze reported that last year he was visited by more than 24 thousand people, of whom about 19,000 - more than three foreigners and thousands of school children. This year, she said, interest in the museum is growing significantly.

As noted Okropiridze, the museum complex after the 90-ies were not carried out repairs. At the same time to the museum has not yet been transferred to the monument to Stalin in 2010, dismantled in the center of Gori.

This monument is then removed from the central square and announced that his place will be erected a memorial to the victims of Stalinism and perished during the Russia-Georgia military conflict in August 2008.

Just a few months in 2009 and 2010, the Georgian authorities to dismantle the monument to Stalin in five cities across the country. Minister of Culture Nikoloz Rurua then stated that he considered unacceptable in the conservation of monuments to Soviet republic leaders.

National Museum of Stalin in Gori was founded in 1937 on the initiative of Lawrence Beria. It contains over 47,000 items. The museum complex includes the Memorial House, the birthplace of Stalin, a building for exhibitions, private car generallissimusa, in which he came to meet with allies in Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam. The museum also personal things, “Great Leader”.

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