In Batumi open fountain that once a week will be spewing the national drink - chacha, said portal “Business Georgia.” It is expected that the design will work in the summer of 2012. Currently, work is underway for the construction of the fountain.

Along with a fountain with a 25-meter tower erected in Batumi, swimming pools and tourist center. The whole complex will be located on the street Gogebashvili.

According to the authors of the project, chacha would translate into a period of ten to fifteen minutes. At this time, Georgian producers of wines and spirits will be able to advertise their products. Fountain with chachey will be designed to attract tourists in Batumi.

Chacha - Georgian strong drink is made from grapes. Strength of the drink is about 70 degrees. Chacha produce both in the factories and at home. For its production of grapes usually used rkatsiteli.

28 March 2012 | , , , batumi, chacha, georgia

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