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Came across in the comments to previous post on the amazing story Georgian journalist Tengiz Ablotiya “Go to the Caucasus.” When reading this article, I had a feeling like that which I experienced when getting acquainted with the concept of affect Spinoza, and more specifically, the body shivers ran on how exactly right in the bull’s-eye thing, got Ablotiya Tengiz.

“The Caucasus - a dead end in the development of civilization. Past 20 years, Caucasian model of society demonstrates his complete inability to give some sort of decent result.
The Caucasus is not capable of development. He appreciates the simulation. Instead of virtues - her imitation, instead of faith - an imitation, rather than law-abiding - an imitation, rather than the formation - an imitation. All Caucasian civilization imbued with the spirit of hypocrisy and ostentatious propriety against utter degradation in real life.
Caucasus - asotsialen. Caucasian people do not respect the laws written and oral laws of honor. When robbing a neighbor, a Caucasian, or to interfere with itself, or be silent. These are the unwritten laws. While provinces, states - need to call the police. But this - the problem - the exorbitant pride does not allow.
It was painful pride and vanity hinder our development. That’s why half of the Caucasian youth easily spend days sitting on their haunches, than to start a career as a private employee - devil’s pride does not allow.
Propensity to antisocial behavior is sometimes seen in the most unexpected ways - breaking glass, unprecedented vandalism on bus stops, etc. Explicit Caucasians propensity to antisocial behavior is expressed in virtually suicidal things - for example, nothing but massive and serious mental disorder can not explain the abnormal tendency of our young people to drugs and heavy gambling.
List the pathological side of Caucasian civilization can be long and hard - I want to upset hurray-patriots all the above - this is real, not fictional Caucasian - Georgian identity. No one else there, no matter how you try to invent myths about our own country. ”

Read in full. Substitute the words “Georgia” “Georgia” all Caucasian peoples - the text will not lose a drop in its accuracy.

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