Until March 25, just a few days. On Sunday, the people of South Ossetia will again elect a president of their state. Most people are hoping that with the election of a new head of state, during the political crisis, more like the South Ossetian version of “Time of Troubles”, finally successfully completed and the new government will undertake the resolution of acute political and socio-economic problems that have put the statehood of South Ossetia before the ordeal .
And, indeed, hesitate no longer, the political line, when existing in the society problems and contradictions concealed or suppressed, the effect created when the steam boiler and the degree of boiling point reached a critical point, we have all witnessed violent events. The situation is almost like the classics - the upper classes can no longer continue to operate, and the bottoms do not want to live the old way.
The problems that caused the crisis, did not appear in the last year, and even after August 2008. Distortions in the model of relations between society and the government come from the construction that was built back in the 90s and lasted till now, only occasionally undergoing light refurbishment. Foreign policy uncertainties also prevented both the government and society more actively set about building a new model of development of the republic, which would not be superfluous, “strangers” and “us”, and each change of power will not be accompanied by a mass exodus of the population of the republic. However, with today’s attitudes of society continued existence of the old model faces even stronger political explosion limit of the confidence that society is willing to give the new president is not as significant as before.
However, judging by the program and the statements of candidates, they seem to be aware of the degree of responsibility that falls on them, and understand that the repetition of mistakes of former leaders of the demand from them by the citizens of the republic will be great. At least I would like to believe it.
In order to solve complex problems now facing the republic, really need to consolidate efforts of all political forces and society. Consolidation is not about a particular person or political forces and not against someone. The union should take place around a common idea for all of strengthening the state of South Ossetia, a prosperous state of law, where, finally, there will be clan bickering and street terms.
You can certainly understand and explain the mood of those who are set to ignore the election or vote against all. The events of November and December were really a shock to the whole society and shocked state, which we defended and protected for the sake of which have suffered so many hardships and sacrifices. Prevent the recurrence of such scenarios in the future - such a task well worth among the first to those who will be elected on March 25, because just ignore what happened and move on will not work. Judging by the majority of candidates promises to pa

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