The Russian Foreign Ministry was disappointed by reaction to the proposal of Tbilisi to restore Moscow’s diplomatic relations with the neighbor. This was stated by Deputy Director of Press and Information Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry. Her comment was published on the site office.

The Russian Ministry stressed that, since Georgia is once again set the condition to cancel the formal recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Tbilisi “is not going to reconsider its decision to sever diplomatic relations with Russia.”

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister pointed out that such a move Georgia “hardly anyone was surprised.” Also in Moscow, called an inadequate response to Tbilisi, the Russian side’s initiative to introduce on the basis of mutual visa-free regime offered Russia “to follow Georgia’s example and abolish visas unilaterally.”

“The Georgian president once again acted as a” benefactor of the Russians. “He promised the guests from Russia, wine, mineral water, and most importantly - the air-free, non-corrupt country - reminded M.Zaharova. - It is noteworthy here other - completely silent about the lack of legal security conditions of Russians in Georgia. ” “Recall that the Russian citizens who visited Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the Georgian law are criminals and at the entrance to Georgia are subject to criminal prosecution,” - added the Russian Foreign Ministry representative.

“As a result of any Russian citizen after crossing the border of Georgia real danger of sliding into the role of a suspect in a criminal case - with all its consequences,” - said M.Zaharova. “This particular issue raised by our official Tbilisi chose not to hear. It is understandable why. Answer immediately would show self-righteous character” hospitality, “Mr Saakashvili and his sudden outburst of love for the Russians” - added the Russian representative office.

12 March 2012 | georgia, information, ministry of foreign affairs, moscow, russia, russian, tbilisi

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