An influential U.S. senator, Republican Richard Lugar (one of the few negatively responded to the president’s decision to join the U.S. operations in Libya in 2011) introduced the Senate bill, which provides for the expansion of NATO.

The project calls for the development at the upcoming summit in May in Chicago, a “road map” for admission to the NATO-Georgia and the Balkan countries - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. According to the submitted document, the U.S. must first declare that the country referred to in the bill, “aspire to become members.”

According to the previously adopted by U.S. law, Georgia and Macedonia have received U.S. assistance, designed to facilitate their entry into NATO. The new document says the continuation of this assistance and the provision of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Lugar also proposes to continue efforts to develop cooperation between NATO and Ukraine. The bill requires the U.S. administration to provide Congress reports on the progress of enlargement and rejects any notion of a “zone of privileged interests” - the agency PAP.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, the “zone of privileged interests”, understood as the near abroad, Russia - former Soviet republics, according to the approved Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in July 2008 “Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation.”

10 March 2012 | bill, georgia, nato, president, russia, solution, state, usa

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