The Georgian Foreign Ministry accused Russia of “an open threat” to its sovereignty. This is the way to Tbilisi interpreted the Russian Federation plans to place a helicopter regiment near the Georgian border - in Novorossiisk to Georgia from which only 380 km (and up to Abkhazia, Georgians believe that their “occupied territory”, is even closer).

The reason for concern of the Georgian Foreign Ministry’s recent statements Navy commander of Russia Vladimir Shamanov. February 29 in “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” published an interview in which the ex-commander of the 58th Army, spoke about plans for the first Navy helicopter regiment.

“The most tangible practical application, we seem to be planned on the basis of the Southern Military District, for the 7th Division air assault there in Novorossiysk, there are all conditions”, - said the shaman.

2 March 2012 | abkhazia, border, georgia, georgians, ministry of foreign affairs, russia, tbilisi, territory

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