February 17 in South Ossetia, a delegation co-chairs of the Geneva discussions on security and stability in the Caucasus. The delegation included Philippe Lefort (EU), Antti Turunen (UN), Padrig Murphy (OSCE). Co-Chairs took presidential envoy to post-conflict settlement Boris Chochiyev. South Ossetian delegation was represented by Foreign Minister Murat Dzhioyev, Commissioner for Human Rights under President of South Ossetia and the David Sanakoev deputy presidential envoy to post-conflict settlement Merab Chigoev.

At the beginning of the meeting, Boris Chochiev said that the Geneva discussions are effective in many ways, but at the same time, there is no progress in the security of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, in dealing with humanitarian issues.

“Approaching 19 meeting of the Geneva talks and, in my opinion, it is necessary to work on concrete results. We should already feel the approach of the ultimate purpose for which they were created by the Geneva discussions - is to ensure the security of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the solution of refugee problems and other social issues . And that yet. I think the previous meetings were productive in nature. Under the Geneva talks was set up mechanism to prevent and respond to incidents, productive work is impossible not to note. Through this mechanism, regular meetings. Two years ago there were some malfunction of the MPRI, now the work is adjusted and polished. A mechanism to quickly respond to incidents. I can not fail to note the recent positive thing - vzaimoperedacha detainees and convicted prisoners in the MPRI. this great achievement of international observers, who persuaded the Georgian side of the need this step “, - said Boris Chochiev and expressed the hope that this practice continues weekdays.

According to him, there is a tendency to reduce violations of the state border as a single and on the other side.

“For the third time in two years the South Ossetian side handed over the bodies of dead during the war in August 2008 with the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Unfortunately, we do not see any response steps. Georgian side is politicizing the issue of missing persons search. In protest, we have even refused to from participating in the format of MPRI. Once we were assured that measures are taken, but nothing has been done by the Georgian side, “- said ambassador.

It is absurd to call Georgia’s aspiration to extend the so-called “neutral passports.” “Instead of working on the project of a future agreement on the nonuse of force against South Ossetia, they used some clever, non-government approach. It’s a negative impact on the format of the Geneva talks”, - said Boris Chochiev and noted with regret that the main issue - use of force - remains unresolved.

Boris Chochiev spoke about with respect to consumed in recent years the term “occupied territories”. “I think we need to inform

20 February 2012 | question, south ossetia

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