Video materials of ex-presidential candidate in South Ossetia, calls the true causes of emergency hospitalization. Experts state the absence of injury.
Available Life News was a video that disproves the statements of former presidential candidate of South Ossetia Alla Dzhioeva of her severe beating by local law enforcement.

The video tells the woman herself, that the reason for her hospitalization was the highest pressure.

- Grace stroke of good people I passed, although 220 to 120 is the pressure at which I lost consciousness. He was recorded in the ambulance staff on the site - said the leader of the opposition.

Famous Russian therapist Ramil Garifullin after watching a video from a hospital ward Alla Dzhioeva seen called “bad performance”, and stressed that there was no physical violence against Alla Dzhioeva has been committed.

- From the outset it was obvious that she was as a politician would use all the techniques of pressure on the electorate. In this case, the bet is placed on the pity that is so close to our mentality. The whole story - it’s a way to manipulate voters - told Life News Ramil Garifullin. Posted videooproverzhenie beating Dzhioeva look at

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