In the Indian capital, New Delhi, near the Israeli Embassy bomb blast, there are victims. In the capital of Georgia (George), Tbilisi, discovered and defused an explosive charge. Charges zryvchatki found and defused in several cities around the world simultaneously.

Apparently, we are talking about a terrorist attack on Israeli targets around the world, organized by “Hezbollah”, marking the anniversary of the death of one of its leaders, Imad SANS, in which the murder of “Hezbollah” has accused the Israeli intelligence service.

According to a report circulated by the press service of the Israeli Embassy in India, from the explosion of a bomb planted in a car is one of the staff of the Embassy in New Delhi, injuring one person - the wife of one of the diplomats.

According to the Indian television channel, also suffered from the explosion of 6 to 8 passers-by, residents of Delhi.

13 February 2012 | country, embassy, georgia, israel, peace, tbilisi

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