“The president and Lies” - under a “cap” was published on Monday Tbilisi authoritative newspaper “Resonance - All Week,” which reported that during public performances in the U.S. Georgian leader Mikhail Saakashvili, “mutilated facts,” the correspondent of the newspaper in the Georgian capital GLANCE .

Recalling that, for example, speaking at Georgetown University, Saakashvili said that Georgia “completed the construction of Europe’s largest shopping center,” the publication notes that, according to official figures, the largest shopping center in Europe is based in London.

# {Ussr} The newspaper reminds that in the United States Saakashvili talked about the four-fold increase in the Georgian economy, a fivefold reduction of crime, bringing poverty to 17% and so on.

According to the newspaper “Resonance - All Week” in Georgia’s real lives are much smaller than the official 4 million, with 900 thousand people are living below the poverty line and another 600 thousand people are asked to bring them into this category.

The newspaper notes that the pension in Georgia ranges from 40 - 60 dollars, that came to power nine years ago, Saakashvili promised to make her $ 100 a year later, in 2004.

The newspaper reminds that in the United States Saakashvili spoke about the highest level of security in Georgia, which according to this index is second only to Iceland in Europe, with the Georgian president noted that his country was overtaken, and the state.

“It’s hard to say what the studies used Saakashvili, when at the end of last year, an international company,” Mercer “for safety and standard of living set Tbilisi on 115 th among 122 cities” - the newspaper said.

Publication of results and other facts of reality distortion Saakashvili in Georgia, when dealing with the international community.


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6 February 2012 | , georgia, head, media, mikhail saakashvili, president, usa

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