Urgent calls to ambulance services, fire brigades, rescue services and the relevant law enforcement authorities in Georgia were paid. What from the beginning of the new year tirelessly warned the opposition, January 26, formally confirmed the relevant structures.

According to operating in Georgia, the telecommunications company “Silknet” as well as other operators and mobile companies and cableless communications fee will be charged to all subscribers of these companies by order of the Government of Georgia № 489 of December 27, 2011.

Decision states that each calendar month for all subscribers of fixed, wireless and mobile communications in their rooms will be charged the service fee the Interior Ministry 112. For individuals, the monthly fee is 0,20 lari ($ 0.12), for legal entities 0.50 lari ($ 0.30). Subscribers of mobile phone companies will pay this amount in the event that within a month credited to the balance of the number 5 chests and more. In this case, Tetris 0.20 will be deducted from their balance sheet.

Calling for a new phone number 112, subscribers will be able to call emergency services in case of fire, ambulance, rescue, patrol police and other law enforcement services, as well as demand response or termination of water change the water pressure in the water.

Charging for services number 112 began on January 1, 2012. Its payment will be made at the end of January. Service fee will be charged 112 not so entered in the register of socially vulnerable families, whose ranking points shall not exceed 70 000.

It should be noted that the Labor Party of Georgia and several other opposition parties and previously warned that the new year with ambulance and other emergency services will be chargeable, but the representatives of Tbilisi City Hall categorically denied these data.

January 26 executive secretary of the Labour Party of Georgia Paata Dzhibladze filed suit in the office of the Georgian government and demanded the abolition of unlawful government regulations on calculating the telecom subscribers pay for the service 112. The Labour Party also intend to appeal the decision of the government in court.

28 January 2012 | georgia

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