At the time, the Georgian government proposed a program of 100 new hospitals at which the privatization of the old hospital by various companies, who worked in health care. Privatize, they privatized, but to build a new hospital in no hurry. The program actually failed. But here I think after pressing the Georgian authorities to various private firms began to open hospitals throughout Georgia (except for the Occupied Territories)

I was asked yesterday how solvent population in order to pay for treatment in such hospitals. These hospitals were built in the main insurance companies who just provide services to its customers in these hospitals. The fact that medical insurance is highly developed in Georgia, I think everybody knows. Profitable firms tsrahovat its employees, so as not to be neglected in cases where due to lack of funds for treatment of disease in a running version of the causes to miss work for weeks. I think most large and medium-sized private companies insure their employees. In addition, the State insures the law enforcement officers and their families in the same private insurance companies. Families with incomes below the subsistence level, too, are insured. If anyone interested in my posts 3 and 4 year old about health insurance - you here and here

From 2012, all retirees in Georgia, which is about 500 000 people will be insured. The same will be insured, all children under 5 years. Basic insurance voucher for $ 15 lari (about $ 9), which will include a free medical consultation, 80 per cent funding of urgent operations, regardless of their value, and for elective surgery will be a limit of 15 thousand GEL (9000 dollars). In addition, it is assumed 80 per cent funding of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The package also will include a 50 percent co-financing of medicines, with a limit of 200 lari (about $ 120) per year and free tests.

Yes, unfortunately, not all so radiantly. Recently had to visit the emergency department of the Republican Hospital. And if the day is working beautiful glass room, where the components everywhere and everything is clean, then at night the usual intensive care, where nurses are sleeping sleepy side by side on a couch edinsvennom, gouging a lot of things. So that there is altered. And the level of doctors podgotovik often leaves much to be desired. There are many young graduates doctors with little experience, but working for new vehicles, and a little left of the old school doctors who operate on the old methods, but has a wealth of experience behind them, and even to the eye can make the correct diagnosis. But the correct diagnosis is very important in medicine.

So pictures, I posted them in the order in which hospitals were opened in different regions. when you click on the name of the hospital will be taken to the appropriate page of photos on the Georgian president in facebook.

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