Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said Russia was “crazy” on the success of his country, and called his political opponents “mummies” that will not help the Russian money. The Georgian leader also compared with the current Georgia Georgia devyativekovoy years ago, when the country was ruled by King David the Builder.

Since the 2008 war in less than four years, but look at where our conquerors now and where we said on the eve of Saakashvili in Gori during the opening of a new hospital.

“King David took the ‘34 to return to Tbilisi. That which was then Tbilisi, today it is our occupied territory. But I want us to remember that up until he returned to the capital of Georgia, he spent a lot of reforms. It built a lot of things, where Georgia controlled territory “- quoted the Georgian president edition of the” Georgia Online “.

“Neither one of the periods after David, and (Queen) Tamar, taken together, have been built in Georgia as much built in the last two, three, four, five years, especially after the war (August 2008) - he continued - I do not know of any other country in our region, where such a pace was under construction, but we have to compare themselves not only with other countries, but with our history. Indeed, we live today in the Renaissance era, and this has not been created governor . We all do it. ”

According to him, Russia has huge reserves of oil and gas, but its economy still in bad condition, said the publication “Georgia Online”.

“Look what is happening in their cities, look at what their economic growth, as oil and gas from them, and throws the entire infrastructure into their hands. More expensive fuel, a lot of conflict, and one in four tries to escape from the country”, - said Saakashvili .

Russia “several years ago declared Georgia and I am personally a political corpse, but that Georgia is now getting on its feet. Today, in Ukraine, Moldova, Central Asia, the Caucasus people do not dream about Russia, Russian model, dreams of what is in Georgia “, - said the Georgian president.

According to him, to those who are in Russia fighting for freedom, Georgia is an example. “What could be more offensive to them? Response to the occupation is well regenerated Gori (the city hardest hit with Tskhinvali during the 2008 war),” - Saakashvili said.

The Georgian President also said that Russia was “crazy” because Georgia is not only survived, but also began to develop after the August war.

In addition, Saakashvili said that Georgia has people who “want to get us back, including the Russian money.”

“I thought that those who have robbed, robbed, that these people have disappeared from my memory that I got rid of them, pushed to the side. Now someone dug them back from somewhere, gathered all together, they have aged a bit some even lost weight, because no longer can chew as they chewed. more embittered, how could it be otherwise when one hundred

12 January 2012 | country, georgia, mikhail saakashvili, moscow, president, russia

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