The U.S. Congress voted to deepen military cooperation with Georgia, which Tbilisi will have new weapons, possibly from other NATO member states, reports “Novosti-Georgia.”

The relevant provision is included in the Pentagon budget bill for 2012. The document involves the sale of defensive arms and Tbilisi has already been approved by the U.S. Chamber. Now the bill sent for signature to President Barack Obama.

Members of Congress urged to support the Georgian government in ensuring the protection of his people and the sovereign territory. U.S. lawmakers also believe that the Obama administration needs to persuade the authorities of other NATO members and partner countries to recover the sale of military equipment and property of Tbilisi.

Russia is known to be bitterly opposed to the sale of Georgia any weapons after the war was in 2008, but in the U.S. Congress formed an influential group of supporting Tbilisi. In particular, the resumption of arms supplies Tbilisi advocates a consistent critic of the Russian authorities, Senator John McCain.

18 December 2011 | , agency, armament, georgia, nato, sale, tbilisi, usa

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