Boris Asarov: The subtext of “snow-revolution” in South Ossetia

Events in South Ossetia, have generated a number of serious issues, including the justification of the position taken by representatives of the administration, Dmitry Medvedev. Throughout the campaign, Moscow in the face of high-ranking officials from Medvedev administration has supported one of the candidates for president of the republic - Bibilov Anatolia. Support was unprecedented, including a meeting with Medvedev Bibilov November 21 in Vladikavkaz, in the interval between the first and second rounds of elections. Despite such impressive support, citizens expressed a desire to see the head of the republic does not Bibilov and Alla DZHIOEVA, which won the second round, held on November 27, gaining 56% of the vote against 40% for candidate opponent. The CEC of South Ossetia recorded DZHIOEVA victory. There were no violations during the second round were noted, which was documented in the minutes from each electoral area, including a signed and representatives of the candidate Bibilov. Observers also have been no violations. Despite this, the Supreme Court essentially declared unfounded the second round of the elections null and void, appoint a third round of the 25th of March and forbidding to take part in it won the elections DZHIOEVA. As a result, in Tskhinvali, a campaign of civil protest, in which supporters of the winning DZHIOEVA demanded the return of the situation in the legal field and, consequently, of the inauguration DZHIOEVA. Events have already received the name “snow revolution.” Arrived in Tskhinvali for talks between the conflicting parties Sergei Vinokurov, head of the Russian President for Interregional and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, took the position of the categorical rejection of the election of the president of the republic DZHIOEVA. Moreover, this position is unwavering, despite the fact that the refusal to recognize the victory DZHIOEVA may lead to civil confrontation until the armed conflict. Especially revealing confession may be considered losing candidate - Bibilov that he was ready to admit defeat, but he is not allowed to do so.

The question arises, what is the reason that with such persistence Medvedev administration certainly wants to promote his protégé, refusing to recognize the rights of the winning candidate? Dzhioeva absolutely loyal to Moscow pro-Russian politician, as well as Bibilov loser, just like almost all who participated in the election of candidates.

12 December 2011 | georgia, moscow, president, question, representative, south ossetia

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