Ossetian popular front “Russia - Ossetia” in Tskhinvali was created September 18, 2011, “welcomes the popular media the intention of the presidential candidate of the RSO Alla DZHIOEVA support the candidature of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin’s upcoming presidential elections in Russia.” On this front, said Dec. 8.

Popular Front for the “Russia - Ossetia,” Putin’s support for the candidacy of another, said September 28, 2011 - immediately after the relevant speech by President Dmitry Medvedev, said in a statement.

“Ossetian Popular Front has a website, its Coordinating Board, its leaders, along with representatives from dozens of similar organizations from different countries and continents took part in an international congress Internatsionalnaya Russia in Moscow. To date, Ossetian People’s Front joined thousands of people, two political parties, a number of community organizations, labor collectives of enterprises and organizations, with a population of some villages in our country. But this is not the limit. Ossetian Popular Front doors are wide open and for the supporters of Alla DZHIOEVA, and for the supporters of other presidential candidates, and to all other citizens South Ossetia, “the statement reads Front.

This is even more important, the authors note the statement that the national front, “Russia - Ossetia,” “even before the first round of presidential elections in South Ossetia refused to interfere in the internal political struggle in South Ossetia, saying that his goal is to unite people around a general idea of ​​a national civil” .

“Only together, only by acting together, we can and must achieve high goals for the benefit of our people” - the authors conclude treatment.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, December 8 Dzhioeva who headed the Popular Front of South Ossetia, announced that it intends to support Putin’s candidacy for president of Russia in the upcoming March 2012 presidential election. “In this movement will include all the 16 000 citizens of South Ossetia, who voted for my candidacy for the presidential elections in South Ossetia on November 27. This is the best proof of our Russian orientation and the fact that we are thankful to Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev for the support they have provided us and have “- said Dzhioeva.

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