The Kremlin has failed in Tskhinvali. Moscow and at the second attempt failed to hold the presidency of South Ossetia of its candidate

Why Russia needed a failed “his” candidate in a region where “nesvoih” No! No pro-Western, pro-Georgian no. Regardless of the clan or party affiliation, all are pro-Russian. And Moscow has no positions in any threats to the president. Especially with the current absolute political and economic dependence on Russia. But now, in absolute loyalty to the South Ossetians might be “flawed.”

It is doubly strange that once already burned to try by all means to push through its candidate, Moscow again came on the same rake. Recall that in 2004, also attempts to give unceremoniously office of President of Abkhazia, Raul Khajimba. They were stopped only after Abkhazia faced a threat of civil war. The winner is Sergei Bagapsh, whose presidency was afraid for some reason and did not want to Moscow, has revealed itself consistent supporter of closer relations with Russia.

“The actions of the Kremlin spin doctors are not clear. Why create adversaries themselves in a totally devoted country? Why was it necessary to put it in front of a choice of two” worst “: Bibilov considered a” newcomer “Dzhioeva - a woman president in the Caucasus - explain? I hope that South Ossetia is an all- stand still, let’s say, the examination of democracy and will receive “credit”. And Moscow’s actions - samodiskreditatsiya “- said,” NG “Director of International Institute of the newest states Alexei Martynov.

History has a habit of repeating itself. The tragedy nearly occurred in 2004 in Abkhazia. In South Ossetia, while going more like a farce. Meanwhile, December 11 presidential elections in Transnistria, and to observers, and there in Moscow has “his” candidate and the campaign it is very similar to the one conducted in South Ossetia Bibilov.

28 November 2011

At the GUAM meeting in Kiev issued a statement condemning the elections in South Ossetia
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