Georgia and the EU start talks on free trade and visa-free regime

During the visit, which began today, the High Commissioner of the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy Ashton of Georgia will hold talks on the introduction of free trade between this country and the European Union (EU), as well as non-visa regime for Georgian citizens in EU countries. Told reporters the head of the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Grigol Vashadze, adding that the parties also intend to discuss the signing of an agreement on associated membership of Georgia in the EU.

“Before the end of the year must be opened talks in-depth view of free trade, and soon we will begin negotiations and the European Commission to abolish the visa regime,” - said the Minister.

According to him, “on the one hand, Ashton’s visit to Georgia will be summing up some results, but on the other hand - a new stage in our relationship.”

Ashton arrived in Tbilisi from Azerbaijan. She is scheduled to meet with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and Foreign Minister of the country, as well as with the EU observer mission, which is situated in Georgia in October 2008

After the visit Ashton will travel to Armenia.

Earlier, the council of foreign ministers of 27 countries the EU Commission issued a mandate for the negotiation of bilateral agreements on associated membership of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan to the EU.

16 November 2011

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