Chichvarkin apologized to Georgia for the shop “Euroset” in Tskhinvali would like to Putin

Founder of “EurosetChichvarkin apologized to Georgia for the store opening of Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, whose independence was recognized by Russia after the 2008 war.

“You know, I have three years of pursuing this, I want to apologize to all the Georgian people, to all residents of Georgia in what was then, perhaps contrary to their conscience, but in the interest of the business opened this shop - has helped to open our partners in Tskhinvali,” - Chichvarkin said in an interview with Russian-speaking Georgian television PIC.

“You have no idea, so I like a man of wide reading, what I knew about the war for those short days … When I came, I saw something quite different. When we drove a few kilometers away were smashed, affluent home when hanging pears and apples … Someone, when there were whose - something they were never took it, just destroyed the house and especially all broke everything. It’s like a vacuum bomb was thrown, or as if a virus has passed “- said the founder of” Euroset “.

“I regret that I supported his hands that action directed against the system which is closest to me - soul. I believe that the current structure of Georgia, the closest to the ideal state and the closest to the libertarian values ​​that I believe are the most correct and the most moral. The fact that I was involved in this, I did not give the rest to be honest, all three years, “- said Chichvarkin.

“I tried … If you look at old records, I was trying to promote water” Borjomi “and it was a psychological attempt of psychological compensation, but I realized that it did not happen while I probably will not say - excuse me please, I saved my business. I did it to please the Russian authorities, including Putin, but he does not need such supporters as I do. He has a colleague, and supporters, like me, he does not need “- said the businessman.

On the question of whether he would meet with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, Chichvarkin said: “I think it’s an interesting man, whom the Russian press has presented some - that nut. The most favorite, what is commonly duplicated - when he chews his tie, but not When he lowers taxes and not with him when people were three times better to live for eight years. Real incomes have increased three times. ’salaries have increased, corruption, burned by napalm at all, as promised. In 2007 I met with Kakha Bendukidze. people really positive, people are happy, the air people breathe freedom. I would like Russia to be such. “

15 November 2011

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