In Tbilisi has thousands rally in support of Levan Gachechiladze

At the center of Tbilisi on an area of Costa Rica on Sunday afternoon took place thousands rally in support of opposition candidate Levan Gachechiladze, transfer agency Novosti-Georgia. About the meeting, he announced the day before on Georgian television, saying that it should meet those who do not trust the outcome of presidential elections in Georgia. According to the latest data, the rally was attended by about 10 thousand people. The action took place calmly and without excesses surrounding area patrolled by police, which had not intervened in the proceedings. People who participated in the action, was kept in the hands of election posters depicting Gachechiladze, plates with the number 1, under which he was registered for the elections and chanting “Levan, Levan, Georgia without Saakashvili.” As stated at a rally Gachechiladze, January 7, Georgia meets Orthodox Christmas and so on this day, no rallies and demonstrations would not. At the same time, Gachechiladze called for new shares, saying that the January 8, “we will gather in the square Rica to celebrate our victory.” Gachechiladze said that the elections were rigged and have been a lot of irregularities. “We make a complaint to the CEC for all the irregularities in the elections”, - he promised. At shares representatives Gachechiladze environment - one of the leaders of the party “Movement for United Georgia” Georgy Tortladze, representative of the Republican Party Tinatin Khidasheli, leader of the party “Kartuli dashi” Dzhondi Bagaturiya and other political leaders, members of the united opposition. According to Khidasheli, the electoral headquarters Gachechiladze there is credible evidence that he won the presidential elections in Georgia, but the authorities tune up the election in their favor. “I urge you not to trust the data so that announce Central Georgia. We must make the truth and that Georgia justice and democracy, and there would be no dictatorship, “- she said.

6 January 2008 | election, levan gachechiladze, meeting

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