After the dispersal of opposition avenue in Tbilisi washed from the blood and a parade

I’m sorry I did not save my camera … During the arrest, the Georgian police twisted my arm and pulled her, darling, hand … It remains hard shots - both sadistically cruel Georgian special forces dispersed a demonstration of opposition to the Parliament … And although peresskaz always loses cold facts photos and video, especially for the indifferent officer in a black mask, oravshemu my face: “Take in his Russia, and I do not care what you write there!” Thoroughly discuss what was on this camera. ..

Such a number of special forces, who flew from all sides on the demonstrators, I have never seen. And never (even in Belarus), I have not seen such exorbitant cruelty.

At this point, thundering storm. The rain was falling. I have not seen since the attack, as the only approach to the “revolutionary town” and was initially rushed to the place from which people fled. Beginning of the explosion. Flew smoke bombs. Overhead, mingling with the rain, roaring jets of water cannons. Drank gas, stop, turn on the camera. And see how a hundred yards from me, a black mass “robocops” absorbs people.

People do not resist. They abandoned their wretched sticks, which boasted to reporters - they tried to escape, they wanted to live, but they were killed, trampled into the asphalt …

26 May 2011

In Tbilisi, special forces “brutally dispersed” the protesters: a policeman was killed, another 19 injured
Reporters Without Borders: Tbilisi suffered at least 12 journalists

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