Residents of Georgia are experiencing social shock - in addition to an increase in food prices have dramatically increased the power tariffs for utilities

Living in Tbilisi over the weekend received a new receipt for payment of utilities. Increased by the decision of the City Hall, all charges - charges for electricity, gas, water, garbage. All services appear on one receipt. Interesting innovation - if at least one item not paid for, and the townspeople will disable all other services.

For example, if tbilissets not paid garbage, he is automatically cut off as light, water and gas. For example, subscribers who have debt to pay for water or garbage removal, electricity and gas will be closed from February 15. This innovation extends at first only to residents of the capital.
“Most people just starving, but with each passing day the situation is getting worse and worse”
Last week, as soaring bread. And not only he but also other essential goods - sugar, cooking oil, grains, dairy and meat products, medicines and fuel.
Not far from the house in which he lives correspondent of view, there is little “Purna”. This is translated from Georgian into Russian - a small company on a batch of Georgian bread - lavash shoti and others. The aroma of baked bread that is felt within a radius of tens of meters from this Purna. In Purna constantly crowded place. In recent days, this all has faded. reason - the bread has risen in price

13 February 2011

Another Russian spy? The Russian Foreign Ministry called the sabotage conviction rossiyaninu Barbakadze
“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” in Georgia is called “Who Wants to 20,000″

• In Georgia, have introduced vouchers for food »»»
The authorities of Georgia against the backdrop of soaring food prices are beginning to give people a one-time assistance in the form of food vouchers worth 30 lari (about $ 17).
• Onishchenko, ready to return "Borjomi" in Russia »»»
Russian Sanitary Service intends to take action against illegal suppliers of mineral water “Borjomi” from Belarus to Russia, the press service of Rospotrebnadzor.
• After the presidential elections, prices of products in Georgia rose by almost 100% »»»
The Georgian Labor argue that the economic situation of ordinary citizens due to podskoka prices of basic foodstuffs and medicines immediately after the presidential election appreciably worse.
• Georgia wanted to increase the volume of Russian gas supplies »»»
Georgia is negotiating with "Gazprom" to increase the supply of Russian gas to 20 percent.
Urgent calls to ambulance services, fire brigades, rescue services and the relevant law enforcement authorities in Georgia were paid.