Georgia produces by Russia at 35 billion dollars for its aggression against the country and caused environmental damage

Georgia produces Russia account for 20 billion dollars for its aggression against the country, told reporters today the head of the commission on the restoration of territorial integrity of the Georgian Parliament Malashkhia.

According to him, about this amount is estimated damage to the Russian military during the attack on Georgia in 2008.

“To this also add another $ 15 billion in estimated damage to ecology of Georgia as a result of actions of the Russian military,” said Malashkhia.

In this regard, he stressed that Russia had already begun “the process of rolling back” with the help of their puppet regimes in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. “The Abkhaz puppets we have billed $ 13 billion, and they did it with the filing of Moscow, but their demand will remain on paper, but our claim will be considered in international courts,” he said.

13 January 2011

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Georgia resents - Abkhazian leader said the “fascist” Russia’s decision to

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