“Georgia will never use force to regain control over the occupied territories”: the complete text of the statement of Mikhail Saakashvili in the European Parliament

I came here to convey a message of hope and seek with humble request. I came here to reaffirm that peace, lasting and just peace is possible in my area, and that its establishment, we need Europe’s help.

Before coming here, I thought a lot, I also consulted with U.S. and European allies, the inhabitants of the region. And the Georgian government already considers itself bound by the obligations under the ceasefire agreement. I always understood that the contract expressly prohibits the use of force. But to prove that Georgia’s commitment to a peaceful solution to the conflict with Russia, we stand with one-sided initiative.

We declare that Georgia will never use force to throw back the Russian occupation forces and to restore its control over the occupied territories. What are we going to resort only to peaceful means of liberation from occupation and the reunification of Georgia. Even if Russia refuses to withdraw its occupation troops, even if created with the support the militia will multiply the human rights violations, Georgia reserves the right to defend itself only in the event of new attacks and incursions in the Georgian government controlled 80% of the country.

I will send to UN Secretary General, the Secretary General of the OSCE and the European Union-related letters which will be clearly stated that we commit ourselves not to use force to regain control over the whole of our divided country illegally, nor against the occupying forces, supported by or against them regimes. Although we have a right under the UN Charter.

Promises, which I give here, in front of you, make a unilateral declaration of the state in accordance with international law.

26 November 2010

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