Saakashvili had to justify before the blacks - he insulted them by comparison with the Georgian customs

Mikheil Saakashvili decided to criticize the work of the Georgian customs officials who, in his opinion, “with excessive zeal” inspect baggage of foreign tourists and citizens.

Mishiko not mince words. “When you go to Europe, you or your baggage someone searches” - he asked the customs officers. - Then what are we - negros, or why his conduct as savages? ” Just for this statement of the presidential administration had to take the rap.

In circulated by the press service of the Head of State statement said that Saakashvili as saying “do not have any relation to a race and they were not used in the context of racial discrimination.”

Yeah! If we recall that Mishiko officially declared that primitive man a million years ago came to Europe from Africa through Georgia, the “blacks” should not hurt …

30 July 2010 | customs, mishiko жжот, negros, saakashvili

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