In Moscow, unhappy with the fact that the Belarusian television was invited by “rogue” Saakashvili said at an interview

“Those who have an opportunity to feel the President Saakashvili, including in another country, make decisions that can not affect the improvement of relations with Russia,” - said State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov. According to him, for Russia, Saakashvili - a “rogue” and “any improvement in relations with Georgia can only be in if the president in this country would be a different person.”

Belarus-Russia relations are strained, so the invitation to Saakashvili on Belarusian television may be retaliation for the recent insult to Minsk, where the NTV channel showed a documentary about Belarus, where Belarusian leader a dictator appeared to be sympathetic to Hitler and a suspect in the disappearance and death of their main political opponents . In addition, the film argued that the political weight of Belarus and the relative stability in Belarus have been provided through an alliance with Russia, it paid dearly for it - $ 52 billion over 15 years.

The film was shown on the eve of the summit in Astana, where the leaders of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed a new Customs Code of the Customs Union with Belarus angered the Kremlin, since pulled from their entry into the union, especially the abolition of duties on oil.

It is reported that during an exclusive interview Saakashvili responded to the questions: “Is it possible to reconcile the Tbilisi and Moscow?” When Georgia will enter the EU? Which foods denies himself the president of Georgia, and that offended his family? ”

15 July 2010 | gryzlov, lukashenko, saakashvili

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