Shevardnadze: Georgia will die of hunger “without the assistance of the United States

Last year, during the global financial crisis, Georgia, in comparison with other countries, has suffered less, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili on July 20 evening at the retreat meeting of the government in the district center Qvareli (Kakheti region). He said the recession was in Georgia only 3%, whereas in Ukraine has reached 20% in some neighboring countries (which Saakashvili others) to - 15% -16%, and the Baltic countries was more than 15%.

“This year’s first quarter, according to our forecasts, is expected to increase within 6.5%. This will be the highest rate, at least on a European scale. Next year, we project growth of 5% -6%” - Georgian President said. He stressed the importance of controlling inflation and noted that 6% -7%, inflation at this stage is quite acceptable, since there were periods when it reached 12% -14%.

“If the economy next year will continue, we have every opportunity to bring economic growth rate to 8 percent or more gradually to reach pre-crisis level, and then reach such targets, which will transform Georgia into a European Singapore”, - Saakashvili said. According to his information, the level of poverty in Georgia in 2003 was 53%. After the Rose Revolution, he began to decline and now stands at 22%. “This is still a high figure,” - said the president of Georgia.
As REGNUM reported earlier news, the ex-Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, according to the newspaper Asaval-dasavali, said of the economic situation in Georgia: “We can say that Georgia today exists mainly at the expense of American aid. They help us with money , food, weapons, and in general all that we need. “You know what would happen if America cut this aid by a third?” Georgia will die of hunger.

21 July 2010 | crisis, help, money, products, saakashvili, shevardnadze, usa, weapons

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