Putin urged the Georgian authorities do not expect the U.S. and cited International

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has urged the Georgian authorities did not seek the solution of problems encountered in Tbilisi and Abkhazia and South Ossetia without the help of third parties. “Do not look for a solution on the side. We must engage in dialogue, without referring to third parties”, - Putin said in Moscow on Monday to a request from the Georgian journalists to comment on the statement by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that Washington would seek deokkupatsii Georgian territories.

Putin stressed that “will not shy away from answering this question,” Interfax reported. “Someone thinks that it (the territory) was occupied, and someone thinks that it is released. This is the subject of dialogue between the peoples of Georgia and South Ossetia. We must keep this dialogue, without referring to third parties. We did not start this war, the answer should be the one who started this war, “- said the Russian prime minister.

He urged the Georgian authorities “have the courage to find the way to the heart of the people they hurt.” “We need to negotiate,” - said Putin.

He drew attention to the fact that in Georgia many forces that want to normalize relations with Russia and South Ossetian people. “Russia, like other members of the international community, can speak here only guarantor”, - said Putin.

According to him, “do not have to deal on the side. America - this is America, Georgia - this is Georgia, Russia - Russia, Ossetia - this is Ossetia. You do not need anyone to refer, and there is no other way.”

In conclusion, he quoted the words of the Internationale: “Nobody will give us deliverance - neither God nor the king and no hero.”

5 July 2010 | georgia, international, putin, quote, relations

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