Saakashvili: Russia hands over positions in the CIS, but the feud with her can only Suicides

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili is convinced that the sphere of Russian influence in the former Soviet Union significantly reduced. The current political situation in Russia he described as “feudal system, which is undergoing a period of great fluctuations. The country, in his opinion, continues to govern Putin and the FSB.

His view the Georgian leader has stated in an interview with the French Le Monde during a visit to Paris, which will last until Wednesday. Interestingly, immediately after the meeting Saakashvili in the French capital offers Putin himself.

His view reduce the authority of the President of Russia has reinforced the following arguments: “Is the Russian won in Kyrgyzstan?” I doubt it. The situation there seems heavy and unstable. Russian alienated the countries of Central Asia. In Ukraine, the higher are their demands, the less they are satisfied. The CIS does not work, no mechanism “.

- The Russian military terrorized New Georgia invasion

“Russia is trying to be soft, with the EU and tough neighborhood. But the neighbors do not like such a tight control without any incentives. All this sphere is changing,” - reports the words of the Georgian president InoPressa.

Speaking about prospects for the normalization of relations between Georgia and Russia, Saakashvili said: “We are not fools and not a suicide. It is very unpleasant to be an enemy of Russia. We appreciate Russian culture. Our people are very many things in common. The key to everything - the modernization of Russia.”

In his view, the period of oscillation, which is currently going through this country, can end well - will come true liberalism and democracy, or bad - and then in Russia “will be a tremendous problem.” Now she manages not the president or prime minister, and Putin and the FSB, said the Georgian leader.

“All we want to Medvedev something is. I particularly, though he told me so

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