“Rose Revolution” - the handiwork of the Kremlin: Georgia in the mirror Media

“And” Rose Revolution “, and the events in Ajaria - a pre-planned Russian revolution by which the Kremlin has led to power in Georgia, agents of influence” - said a former government minister, now opposition leader Goga Khaindrava. These agents, he said, are President Mikhail Saakashvili and his uncle, Temur Alasania, who “work in pairs. According to Khaindrava, is no longer any doubt and that the defenders of the interests of Russia in Georgia and are Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili and intelligence chief, Gela Bezhuashvili, who by the events of August 2008 has already had to sit in jail. Today all of Georgia’s economy, strategic assets are under the control of Russia, - said opposition, stressing that he personally has witnessed the fact that the late Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania, whose murder is covered with darkness, “” oppose plans to Saakashvili and Bendukidze to transfer Russia all strategic objects.

“What happened in Georgia - no not a democratic revolution. This was the replacement of Russian security services of the Georgian authorities to direct servants of Russian interests”, - summed Goga Khaindrava. “Today’s regime - much more corrupt and cruel towards their people, than was Abashidze regime,” - he added. (Asaval-dasavali)

Russia - one of the major creditor countries, Georgia

After the “Rose Revolution” in parallel with the growth of the budget is growing significantly and the external debt of Georgia. As the former president of the National Bank of Georgia Nodar Javakhishvili, now the size of this debt has already reached a critical point. “When the external debt is much higher than the national budget and represents 37% of gross domestic product (GDP), the economy has created serious problems” - he said. According Javakhishvili, in March the size of external debt amounted to about 6 billion lari (current exchange rate $ 1 - 1,78 GEL), in April, he had already approached to over 8 billion GEL. The total debt owed - bilateral creditors is relatively small - about 957 million lari. This is one of the largest creditor

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