NATO will use the Georgians in Afghanistan as long as possible: Rogozin. (In the foreseeable future, Georgia will not become a NATO member)

In the foreseeable future, Georgia will not become a NATO member. This is the opinion permanent representative in NATO Dmitry Rogozin. “I think that the prospects for Georgia joining NATO, no,” - told reporters May 4 Rogozin, stressing that it was (Georgia - Ed.) “Can not be a member of NATO, for one simple reason - or NATO should recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia or must be taken to Georgia in the old borders defined by Stalin, along with South Ossetia and Abkhazia. ” The diplomat also noted the possible continuation of NATO’s cooperation with Georgia, which, in particular, sends its soldiers to Afghanistan. “I think that Georgians would be used as long as possible,” - declared Permanent Representative of Russia.

4 May 2010 | membership, nato, rogozin, use georgians

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• Russia has put forward an ultimatum to NATO »»»
If Tbilisi did receive the desired Plan of Action for membership in NATO, Moscow will close even those few programs of cooperation with the alliance, which operated until now.
• Rogozin: NATO of Georgia needs cannon fodder for the "hot spots" »»»
Concrete results in terms of a possible move Georgia into NATO.
• United States: Education Georgian army will continue »»»
United States intend to continue training the Georgian army. However, the instructors would be sent only to those parts that are planned to send to Afghanistan.
• Georgia does not intend to recognize Kosovo's independence »»»
Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Liaison Georgia Konstantin Gabashvili said that Georgia would not recognize the independence of Kosovo, Interfax reported.
• Weapons of NATO and Ukraine may push Georgia towards a new war »»»
Georgia could again begin hostilities against South Ossetia and Abkhazia.