Rise of the Georgian shelf (declassified documents about the tragedy of “George Legion, who refused to serve the Nazis)

This unusual episode of Battle of the Great Patriotic War was for many years kept secret. The reason is not a military secret. Just in Stalin’s time it was impossible to cast the slightest shadow on Georgia’s role in the war, but this “unusual case” testified that had happened and Georgians fought alongside the Wehrmacht. And then the secrecy either forgot to take off on time, I did not want to stir up the past. Until the press is not addressed certain George Kabakadze from Moscow: “Often, our history is presented in two colors - black and white. In any case, until now many of those who fell into Nazi prisoner (not to mention caught up in” national ’shelves in the Wehrmacht), are branded traitors. “But there were many cases of people not on their own found themselves in captivity and confronted with a tragic choice: to die soon or to try to get through to her? father before he died he told me that my grandfather died in 1942 in the rebellious Georgian German army regiment “George Legion.” The official history had overlooked this “unusual” incident: the details of the uprising so far in the literature did not find it. Maybe it’s time to tell you what lies behind this white stain the history of the war? ”

And here in the Central Archives of the Ministry of Defence declassified materials of Staff and the political directorate of the Transcaucasian Front, shed light on this really controversial military episode in which the interwoven, and heroism, and betrayal.

Here is a quote from a memorandum to the commander of the Transcaucasian Front: October 8, 1942 at dawn in the area of Defence 3rd Guards Rifle Division in the Novo-Poltava (farm Baksanovsky) over to our side of the Georgian Legion Regiment of the German army under the name “George Legion . crossed the brought with them the treatment of soldiers and officers of the regiment to our command. The appeal states that “the Georgian legion of 750 men arrived at the front on October 4, but do not want to fight against their brothers. The soldiers - former Red Army soldiers and commanders, popavsh

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