Interviews with scientists, who for several years he lived among wolves: “I realized that everything we have, what we are proud of - it is not we figured out it’s all there is “…

Jason Badridze - a cult figure among scientists, ethologists. For several years he lived in a pack of wolves and gave both types of important knowledge about each other. People he spoke about the culture of animals. Volkov taught to avoid human and livestock. His stories are like a fairy tale, because Jason goes down in those layers of consciousness, in which ancient myths were created and in which people and animals still were able to hear each other.

And they say that the wolves eat the sick, the old ones?

It’s all a fairy tale. From the fighting often die young: pierce - bleeding or infection, can not move to wane. Up to one year of age, only half survives. But purposefully never kill. And about cannibalism is a bluff. Of course, you can bring. When the blockade and the Volga River fasting too, and children their parents ate, and parents of the children ate.

In fact, they have a fantastically developed mutual aid. They did and saved my life. We were returning from the hunt, and hunting was terribly unsuccessful. It took a few deer from us, then something else. All day and towards evening, barely drag his feet. And wolves are tired, but I - you can imagine. And somewhere, some five kilometers from the rendezvous site, a huge boulder lying. I went up to him, we must sit down, have no true power. And there comes a bear on its hind legs. And the distance - as we are. I do not remember now: I cried and he some kind of sounds like - yet they have heard and rushed. Although one could hit him that wolf strut. Wolf picked up his heel - and here is the poet’s soul is not made, he went down a slope.

Then I first thought about altruism: what is it? So, is the realization of biological needs. What will be - beast not to think about. And then I realized that all that we have, what we are proud of - it is not we figured out it’s all there is … But it is interesting that the cubs are from a person not protect - understand that it is better to remain productive than all perish. And it is acquired, culture. From any other animal cubs to protect - from a lynx, for example, or from neighbors, other wolves.

28 April 2010 | flock, jason badridze, wolves

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