Georgia and patent licenses khachapuri suluguni

The Patent Office, and settle on the state law on national food

Traditional Georgian dishes will be patented by the State for more successful their promotion to the international market.

Khachapuri, suluguni cheese, sauce tkemali and other national dishes will soon fall under the protection of the Georgian state. The relevant law is currently developing a National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia Sakpatenti.

As the, the new law involves the imposition on the territory of Georgia, the European system of protection of trade marks Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG). The system requires that protected national brands to be made using appropriate ingredients and approved technology. Accordingly, without the approval of the Georgian Patent Office product can not be called, for example, khachapuri, although to make and sell tortillas stuffed with cheese nobody can deny.

Compliance will depend on bilateral agreements between States. Georgia plans to soon develop partnerships in this area with the EU. “It will not bring immediate benefits to farmers and the Georgian economy, but ultimately will help the Georgian products to gain a good reputation”, - says Minister of Agriculture of Georgia Bakur Kvezereli.

Georgian officials hope to legally separate the Georgian dishes from other food-Soviet countries, and thus make the cuisine more attractive to U.S. and European markets. “That’s gained such popularity here (in USA) Italian cuisine,” - says the founder of the American journal Gastronomica Dara Goldstein. “For many years I thought that the U.S. will appear with trays khachapuri, which may be the next wave in the area of the original pizza, and khinkali (Georgian dumplings) - the new ravioli. But, at least in the U.S., Georgian cuisine is not too well known” . Branch exactly Georgian cuisine, under the version of the Tbilisi

27 April 2010 | khachapuri, suluguni

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