Georgian drone again began to fly over Abkhazia

Border Service of Russia has registered with the May 2009, more than 40 violations of the airspace boundaries of Abkhazia by Georgian unmanned aerial vehicles.

Georgia has conducted regular reconnaissance territory of Abkhazia with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles to the armed conflict in 2008. A few months before the outbreak of hostilities the Georgian side announced the termination of flights drones over Abkhazia after the Abkhazian air defense shot down several aircraft. Later, the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry has repeatedly reported that the UAV Georgia continues to invade the airspace of the Republic. Georgia denied these reports.

27 April 2010 | abkhazia, conflict, georgia, uav

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• Deja vu: Abkhazian Foreign Ministry announced resumption of flights of Georgian bespilotnikov »»»
Georgia has resumed flights of unmanned aerial vehicles (BPLA) over the territory of Abkhazia, according to the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic.
• Moscow has forced Israel to stop the supply of weapons to Georgia »»»
Despite warm relations with Georgia, increasing in the last days of tension in the Caucasus has prompted the Israeli defense establishment to veto the sale of weapons and unmanned aircraft Tbilisi.
• Georgia stood on the side of Azerbaijan, who used heavy flamethrower system in Karabakh »»»
The Georgian authorities have expressed their support for Azerbaijan in the escalating conflict in the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh.
• At the UN Security Council Saakashvili put an idiot »»»
Georgia has failed to prove the UN Security Council that the drone aircraft in the skies over Abkhazia was shot down Russian aircraft, air defense forces rather than the unrecognized republic.
• Georgia withdrew its ambassador from Russia »»»
Tbilisi has committed a diplomatic course that Georgian Foreign Ministry described as unprecedented.