Saakashvili is concerned about: Russia, one after another overthrows “color mode”, can reach up to him. U.S. did not object.

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili in an interview with Time magazine expressed fears that Russia becomes an unrestricted freedom of action in the territory of the former Soviet Union, one after another toppling the democratic government in neighboring countries. The Georgian leader did not rule out that Moscow will soon take and for his overthrow, think journalists.

According to the newspaper, Saakashvili feels very uncomfortable due to the fact that over the past three months fell two of the three regimes established in the era of “color revolutions,” wrote InoPressa. This is about regime change in Ukraine and the overthrow of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev in Kyrgyzstan.

Note that, in commenting coup in Kyrgyzstan, many foreign media have reported that “hand of Moscow”. “Machiavellian” manipulation CIS republics in the Putin era went back to normal, pointing out the foreign press. The Kremlin and the government of Russia of involvement in the unrest in Bishkek categorically disown.

23 April 2010 | color mode, no objection, saakashvili, usa

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