According to a poll of Georgia, in the plane crash involving the President of Poland Russian secret services

The majority of survey participants, conducted by the newspaper Kviris palette, consider that in the plane crash involving the President of Poland Russian secret services. In particular, thinks so 50,2% of 402 respondents. Only 7.6 percent did not believe in the involvement of Russian secret services to plane crashes in Smolensk. Another 42.2% could not decide on a response.

19 April 2010 | crash, georgia, special, survey

The Georgian military vehicles invaded the territory of South Ossetia
Saakashvili: we are building a democracy, despite the hostility of Russia

• Nearly half of Russians want to see Yuzhnoyu Ossetia in the Russian Federation »»»
According to a sociological survey conducted at the Levada Center Levada-Center “among residents of large and medium-sized cities in Russia, 46 percent of Russians believe that South Ossetia should join the Russian Federation.
• In Tbilisi appeared ul Lech Kaczynski »»»
One of the streets of Tbilisi is named in honor of the deceased in the crash of Polish President Lech Kaczynski.
• Poll: Citizens of Georgia as a whole does not support anti-Russian policy »»»
More than half of Georgia’s population - 59% of respondents to local branch of the National Democratic Institute of the U.
• Saakashvili has been accused of buying one-system bailout worth about seven million dollars »»»
Georgian opposition accused President Mikhail Saakashvili in the misappropriation of the state budget for several exotic objectives.
• In Georgia, Saakashvili has gone »»»
The leading Georgian media such as newspapers “All news” and “resonance”.