In Georgia, banned films in Russian

The Georgian parliament began its consideration of amendments to the Law “On Cinematography”, which include a ban on the demonstration of foreign films with Russian translation. Duplicate the picture will be only in Georgian language, or they should go in their original language with subtitles.
Document prepared by the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Science and Culture. Its adoption is planned before the end of April, the law will come into force six months from the date of approval.

Last year, Georgia’s parliament amended the Law on Broadcasting, according to which foreign-made films to be broadcast in the country only if they overlap in the Georgian language or original language with subtitles in the Georgian language soap operas can be demonstrated only in the translation into the official language .

Thus, the country was banned ethereal film showings, already dubbed into Russian. The restrictions went into effect on 1 September 2009.

16 April 2010 | georgia, policy, russia, russian language, saakashvili, usa, yushchenko

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