Saakashvili is not recognized in the madness (”Georgia Times”, Georgia)

In an interview with U.S. radio Georgian president was compelled to explain that he’s not crazy to give permission to show his own death in the chronicle of “Imedi”. A month ago, issued a broadcaster broadcasts modeled the Russian invasion, did not bother to accompany simulation titles. Output similar to the pro-government channel transmission without higher permission is impossible. So the opposition has put the president a final diagnosis: schizophrenia.

No sooner had the world to forget about chewing his tie and panic because of an imaginary helicopter, as Saakashvili again had to prove his sanity. During a visit to a summit on nuclear safety in the U.S., where he barely managed to still catch the owner of the White House, Barack Obama, the Georgian president was interviewed by American media.

Public Radio NPR inquired whether it was true that he was aware of the impending transfer of “Imedi”? Yes, a sensation known to all, Saakashvili said. Its pre-week advertised on television.

However, the question of whether to give his consent in any form is to issue the transfer, Saakashvili said: “I would be mad if it did, because the main thing that this transfer occurs is that the Georgian army commits treason and kill me. Any government would be crazy if you would have been happy these two circumstances. ”

I must say that the radical opposition has long dissipated doubt the inadequacy of the president. Former presidential candidate in Georgia, opposition leader of the Movement of Georgia, Levan Gachechiladze, after the broadcast Chronicle said that “Saakashvili hysterical fear of losing power, knowing that after this fall either in prison or a lunatic asylum.”

16 April 2010 | interview with u.s. radio, saakashvili

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