Obama ignored the meeting with Saakashvili to please the Kremlin

Obama outlined a bilateral meeting with only 12 of the 47 leaders attending a summit on nuclear security, and it created awkwardness, wrote in a blog site PostPartisan The Washington Post columnist Jackson Dayil. So, with Saakashvili met Obama, but Yanukovych has also outlined a meeting with the leaders of Armenia and Turkey, which in excellent relations with Russia.

According to the White House, “Yanukovych won the audience, as Ukraine agreed to drop 60 tons of highly enriched uranium, and the heads of Armenia and Turkey hopes to push Obama to the opening of the border. And still refusing to meet with Saakashvili is striking, as Georgia supports the military action in Iraq and Afghanistan, observed Dayil. Obama on the phone thanked Saakashvili for the help, but no mention of taking Georgia into NATO or sell it to U.S. defensive weapons.

Azerbaijan President Aliyev did not invited to the summit, although the location between Iran and Russia mean that the country can play an important role in the situation of trafficking in nuclear materials. Perhaps the White House judged that the presence of Aliyev hinder efforts at reconciliation with Armenia, Turkey, says the author.

16 April 2010 | bump, kremlin, obama, saakashvili

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