Victory in the Second World still one at all (”Georgia Times”, Georgia)

Relations between Russia and Georgia are incredibly complicated, like a paradox, because often reach absurd. If you read the Georgian media, then all the problems in the country solely to blame Russia. Running through the Russian editions, so coming from the solar Georgia also not spared. Western media saw another paradox in the relationship between the countries that representatives of Georgia were not included among the invitees to the Victory Parade in Moscow.

The Forum BBC can read many answers to questions “which may be related to the decision of the Russian Defense Ministry not to invite a delegation from Georgia?” Do you support this decision? ” Someone is very categorical. In particular, we can read: “The Georgians refused to victory over Nazi Germany when the blew up a monument to the Georgians - the heroes, victors over the Nazis, now they’re a Georgian, who fought alongside the Nazis against the Soviet Union,” wrote an unknown. “Veterans, I am sure with a great desire to go to the celebration of May 9 in Moscow, but the current regime would have accused the latter, on arrival back at the agents’ relations with Moscow, the choice is clearly not in favor of reason Saakashvili ……”, - answered forum resident of Moldova.

A lot of these comments: “Live by the Georgian veterans - a low bow, they are our brothers, they have been and are welcome guests in Russia, lost memory and eternal glory! Separate topic, Saakashvili … But there can only be colloquial expressions ….” , wrote a resident of St. Petersburg. “You just have to invite Georgia’s veterans. Pay them to travel and accommodation. Those who are now in power there is no sense to call. And they themselves would not have come,” - put your comment resident of Moscow. “To address the invitations? Saakashvili? - Outraged Alexander of Russia - to invite the veterans would be worth, it does not matter - how many of them will come. The fact that an invitation would have been a tribute to their heroism.”

11 April 2010 | holiday, victory

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• The Kremlin is calling on the Day of Victory of all foreign visitors, except for "inappropriate" Saakashvili »»»
The celebration of Victory Day, Moscow will be glad to all foreign visitors, except for Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.
• In Georgia Veterans Day Victory will receive 200 GEL »»»
Victory Day World War II veterans in Georgia and home front workers receive financial assistance from the government, reported IA “News-Georgia”.
• In Moscow, unhappy with the fact that the Belarusian television was invited by "rogue" Saakashvili said at an interview »»»
“Those who have an opportunity to feel the President Saakashvili.
• Georgia prepares for war with Russia »»»
Georgia has begun to prepare for war with Russia. This reflects the fact that the Chief of Joint Staff of Georgian Armed Forces.
• Newsweek: The Kremlin, inspired by Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, has found the replacement of Saakashvili and Lukashenko »»»
Five years after the “color” revolutions that swept the former Soviet Union, the Kremlin, finally got a chance to take revenge, writes Newsweek.