Tina Kandelaki: Saakashvili called “wet lips”

Known telediva told to “pioneer readings” of the early years of the current president of Georgia.
Date of Mikhail Saakashvili, which he christened one of the random acquaintances, apparently will not add unnecessary fad Georgian leader in the ranking. As it turned out, the eccentric lover of edible and not tie called “wet mouth.” A traditional men’s accessory Mishiko likely, since those years used to wipe the moisture from the hole, where to send food.

Shirin immediately called him to himself, “Wet Mouth” - recalls Kandelaki story of one of his acquaintances. - The conspicuous springiness and feel of the search could make it interesting, if not for the constant moisture of the mouth, which kills any eroticism when thinking about the kiss .
Saakashvili has repeatedly becomes the object of ridicule from the acute to the tongue Kandelaki. This time the temperamental Tina remembered an incident from the life Mishiko, when his name was not yet on everyone’s lips. Saakashvili then went back to Tbilisi from the U.S. after graduation and decided, according to Kandelaki, throw all their US-Georgian charm to relative acquaintances of his mother.

“As a young MP, he was glad the independence of Georgia, saying that its greatness comes only when the empire crumbles.

- We must become full players in the world arena - honed on women their oratorical skills Mishiko “, - says Tina. -” He enthusiastically talked about how Georgia will be in twenty years: how the streets will be a lot of foreigners, they’re all here will live or long stay. True, the place where they did stop, did not possess a European pastime. Small squash with sullen men, which had to drink up. When Shirin tried not to drink a regular glass, Mishiko politely insisted, saying: “There are so accepted.

However, the charm Saakashvili already missed, and the girl gave him a “wet” the nickname given future President strict and resolute rebuff. Fortunately, Mishiko, judging by the p

6 April 2010 | kandelaki, saakashvili, wet lips, young years

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