Saakashvili superprezidenta role. (Georgia can become a “super” power and will be divided into states.)

Soon Georgia can become a “super” power and will be divided into states. A draft law introduced in the Constitutional Commission head of the NGO “Liberty Institute Levan Ramishvili. It is known that the structure, led by Ramishvili, the developer is the ideology of the ruling United National Movement “. Commission would approve such a powerful reinforcement presidential institution in the country?

According to the document, the president will choose not people of Georgia, but only the Parliament, This post of prime minister in Georgia abolished, and the Government will be reporting directly to the head of state. Moreover, the project will be the republic is divided into states, each of which will be in the Senate representatives.

To project was approved for him to be two-thirds vote of commission members. If this happens, the document will be formally presented at the end of April.

As is known, the concentration of power in the hands of the president and the restriction of media freedom and the courts become a feature of the current Georgian regime. Opposition forces in the country believe that the President is now concerned as to retain power and avoid accountability before the Georgian people, including the responsibility for the war in 2008.

Not so long ago a member of the Republican Party, “Ivlian Haidrava, commenting on the recommendations of the Venice Commission on amending the country’s constitution to create a balance of power, suggested that the possible expansion of the authority of Parliament should only be considered in the context of the ambitious plans of Saakashvili. “Ends his second presidential term, is not far off in 2013, so much will depend on claims Saakashili and his intention to retain power - Khaindrava said. - In what way, and as a team, now in power, will try to keep it in the future, I say difficult. But what they will do everything for it - a fact. ”

In this context, developed by the Liberty Institute document can be viewed not only as attempts

4 April 2010 | presidential election, states, super-power

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